Morning Train Reads: This Side of Paradise

This_Side_of_Paradise_1_by_mscorleyAfter all the craze over The Great Gatsby over the past year, I wasn’t even surprised when I stumbled upon a “Party at Gatsby’s” cropped tank on Pinterest. I guess there are worse cultural obsessions than a classic piece of literature! While I love Gatsby as much as the next person, I decided it was time I read something else by Fitzgerald. I chose This Side of Paradise. The book–Fitzgerald’s first–is the  semi-autobiographical story of a wealthy, egotistical young man beginning in his late childhood years and ending in his mid twenties. The language in this book was pretty tedious for me, and I didn’t really enjoy much of it.  I actually checked Spark Notes when I was finished reading just to make sure I had actually understood everything that happened, and thankfully, I had.

Even though this wasn’t my favorite book, it was interested to read Fitzgerald’s earliest work, written when he was just 23-years-old.


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