Morning Train Reads: Gone Girl

8442457Something sort of strange happened a few Saturdays ago. Alex and I headed to our new favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood to use someone else’s air conditioning for a while. I had requested 10 books from the New York Public Library, and eight of them came in at once. I decided I had better start getting through the stack, and chose Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn to start. I had heard a lot of buzz about about the book, but didn’t know any of the plot details. I started reading and COULD NOT STOP. We hung around the coffee shop for an hour or so, then went back home. I kept reading. I stopped for a quick trip to the grocery store, and then to make dinner, and started up again. Before I knew it, it was after midnight and I was on the last few pages of the book! Gone Girl, a murder mystery, was so gripping that I read all 450ish pages in one day. The whole story was mind boggling. Pick a day that you have lots of free time to start reading this book!


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