Pear, Havarti & Rosemary Honey Grilled Cheese

On Sunday, we made grilled cheese sandwiches.

But these weren’t just any old grilled cheese sandwiches.

These were grilled cheese sandwiches with strawberry jam, havarti cheese, pear slices, and rosemary honey. And they were so, so good.

I’ll start at the beginning. Alex used some heavy cream we had leftover from a different recipe to make rosemary butter. He added in honey, brown sugar, rosemary and shook it all in a jar for about ten minutes. He stashed it in the freezer for a bit, and ta-da! Rosemary butter was born. photo_7 photo_8

The sandwich recipe called for butter + rosemary, so we just used the pre-made combo instead. First, you melt the rosemary, butter and honey together in a saucepan.

Then, you spread some strawberry jam on bread. The recipe suggests challah bread or brioche buns. We used something else, but I’m not sure what it was called!photo

Next, add a slice of havarti cheese. Alex decided to get pretty fancy with the cheese arrangement.photo_1

Pear slices go on top of the cheese. photo_2

Then, drizzle on the rosemary honey, and add another layer of cheese.photo_3

We dipped the sandwiches in a mixture of milk and one egg, and cooked on them in a skillet.

They were amazing!photo_5

This picture is kind of gross but also illustrates the final product.photo_6

I want ten more of these.


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