Black Bean, Corn & Feta (almost) Tacos

Alex and I have really enjoyed cooking in our new apartment, despite the lack of counter space in the kitchen. He usually works on chopping veggies at the kitchen table, and I’ll do food prep on our tiny kitchen island. Tonight we set out to make these black bean, corn and feta tacos, but we hit a slight road block.

I’ll backtrack a bit and admit that I am sometimes a bit overzealous when it comes to planning out my/our meals. I usually have all breakfasts, lunches and dinners planned out at least a week in advance. That might sound a little bit silly, but my intentions are good–I do all of this planning in attempts to save money and eat healthier foods, so we can avoid last minute pizza runs or spending too much going out to eat. Sometimes, though, my planning backfires. Most of my letdowns have come from produce going bad before I can use it (produce in NYC is not so fresh, it turns out). As we got ready to make the tacos tonight, I noticed that the red pepper I bought Saturday (not THAT far in advance!) had gone bad, and surprising, so had the corn tortillas we bought at Trader Joe’s last Thursday. Since when do corn tortillas go bad in less than a week? I can’t even explain how gross they were…they tasted bitter and disintegrated in my mouth.

Alex decided to attempt to salvage the tortillas by baking them and turning them into tortilla chips. He sprinkled some oil and sea salt on top and baked them for ten minutes or so. They turned out to be just fine!photo-6

Since we couldn’t have tacos, we decided to use brown rice as a base for the taco ingredients. Alex chopped up the onions, and sautéed them with garlic and cumin. We added the black beans and corn and cooked for a few more minutes. photo-2

In my opinion, “taco bowls” are just as good as tacos! photo-3

Alex donated one of the tortillas he uses for his lunches for us to make a small burrito with the leftover toppings mixture. photo-5

Despite the slight set backs, this was still a delicious meal!


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