Morning Train Reads: The World to Come

the_celebration_of_isaac_bashevis__-_the_world_to_comeI’m a little bit behind on blogging, and for good reason! But I’ll get to that later. In the midst of a few busy weeks, I read what turned out to be one of my favorite books–The World to Come by Dara Horn. The book is about a young man living in New York and his connection to an art heist from a Jewish museum in the city. The book is full of Yiddish folklore, which I absolutely love. The World to Come confirmed for me that Jewish literature is my favorite sub-genre. See: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, City of Thieves by David Beniof…I could go on! What I like most about these books is the connection their characters have to their family members–living and deceased, and those they knew and didn’t ever get to meet. The World to Come told the stories of four generations of a family who had gone through plenty of hardships and adventures over decades past, and used those experiences and stories as they carried their family traditions forward. I highly recommend this book! In fact, you can borrow it from me–I actually purchased it!

In addition to reading, in the past two weeks, I:

1. Flew to North Carolina to get married,
2. Flew back to Brooklyn and packed up my apartment, as well as Alex’s apartment and
3. Moved from Brooklyn to our new apartment in Greenwich Village.

Here’s proof!


Apartment before...

Apartment before…

Apartment after!

Apartment after!


One thought on “Morning Train Reads: The World to Come

  1. Congrats on getting married! I love your dress, it’s absolutely adorable and perfect for a summer wedding.

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