Morning Train Reads: Death is Not an Option

death-is-not-an-optionOops! I am super behind on updating my blog. With my wedding just four days away, I guess I’ve been pretty busy! I finished Death is Not an Option by Suzanne Rivecca a week or so ago. The thing is, as many times as I’ve tried to read short story collections, I just don’t like them–I’d much rather immerse myself in a long novel with plenty of character development throughout. This particular collection is a set of stories about girls and young women, with Catholicism and guilt being a common thread between nearly all of them. The stories were quite dark, and while well-written, I just didn’t enjoy them. I guess I will officially give up on short stories!

Now I’m reading The World to Come by Dara Horn, and I’m loving it so far. I’m looking forward to some reading time on the plane as I fly home to North Carolina tomorrow for the wedding Saturday!

Engagement photo by my sister, Kate!

Brooklyn Bridge engagement photo by my sister, Kate!


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