Morning Train Reads: Rules of Civility

9780143121169_custom-ce14a176e0c5993b56de62201454577fdfbc1332-s6-c10There are just 23 days to go until our wedding, and it can’t get here soon enough! With all of the details planned and ready for the wedding, and our new apartment secured (in Greenwich Village!), all that’s left to do is read books and pass the time until June 8.

The longer I live in New York, the more I love books based in the five boroughs. Rules of Civility by Amor Towles not only takes place in Manhattan, but was also an excellent follow-up to The Paris Wife by Paula McClainSet in the decade following The Paris Wifethe characters in Rules of Civility read and discuss the recent works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and I feel as though they’re chatting about old friends of mine.

It was so fun to read about a young woman, about my age, living in a studio apartment in the East Village. I could picture the blocks she walks down, the jazz clubs, bars and hotels she frequents, and the subways she rides to and from work. The heroine, Katie, is infinitely witty and there is never a dull moment throughout the story as Towles details her roller coaster love life and budding career in journalism. I highly recommend this book to all New Yorkers, and to those who just love the City.


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