Early Spring Washington D.C. Trip

photo2This past weekend, we had the chance to get out of the City for the first time since Christmas. We took the bus to D.C. and met my parents for a nice, three-day weekend. Saturday’s weather was especially sunny and pleasant, which was perfect for walking around to see D.C.’s monuments. I’m pretty sure we saw nearly all of them — we ended up walking 10.5 miles by the end of the day!

As a reward for all that walking, we indulged in some beer battered/deep fried burgers at Tune Inn, a well-loved D.C. dive bar my uncle recommended to us. We also had mac and cheese wedges and delicious mozzarella sticks. Low carb diet? What low carb diet?

On Sunday, we attended the a Palm Sunday service at the National Cathedral, and spent the rest of the day museum hopping.

I brought my “real” camera and made a point of taking some photos with it, since I tend to rely on my iPhone camera most of the time. Here are a few of the shots I got:


Beautiful details in the Library of Congress.Image

ImagephotoIt was hard to go back to work today…I definitely have the travel bug!


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