Morning Train Reads: Seating Arrangements

seating-arrangements-full_320I discovered Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead via this super cool website called What Should I Read Next?  On the site, you enter the title or author of a book you’ve enjoyed, and the site generates a list of about 20 book recommendations based on your entry. I entered Where’d You Go Bernadetteas well as a few other favorites, and picked out a few books that sounded interesting.

Seating Arrangements turned out to be an enjoyable beach-type read, which was perfect for the 12 or so hours I spent on Greyhound buses going to and from Washington D.C. this past weekend (D.C. pictures to come!) The story is about two wealthy New England families preparing for the upcoming nuptials of their respective son/daughter. As they all gather on the coast in the days before the wedding, plenty of drama and silliness ensues. If you’re looking for an easy read that doesn’t require much thought or brainpower, this is a good one.


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