Morning Train Reads: This is How You Lose Her

THIS%20IS%20HOW%20YOU%20LOSE%20HER_Final%20CoverI, like so many other people, read and loved The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. So, when his newest book, This is How You Lose Her, came out, I placed a hold at the library. It was so popular that I finally received it just last week, and after all that waiting, I must say that I wasn’t thrilled by it. This is How You Lose Her is a story of love and loss–love in romantic relationships, and love within one’s family. It was beautifully written, but I found the story to be very repetitive as the narrator recounts countless tales of failed relationships with several different woman. My favorite parts of the book were about the narrator’s family, who immigrated to New Jersey from the Dominican Republic.

It’s not that I don’t recommend this book, because it was a solid read, I just wasn’t super into the subject matter. Lucky for me, I have three books waiting for me at the library, so now I’m on to the next one!


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