Morning Train Reads: Mr. Fox


I’m glad I read a summary of this book when I was about halfway through it, because otherwise I might have gone through the entire book without knowing what was going on. Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi is a fantastical book made up of a series of mostly-intertwined fairy tales. At the heart of the book is its main character, Mr. Fox, a man who has created a woman in his imagination, Mary Foxe. He is married to a real-live person, and he writes about her, but he also writes about Mary and how she comes to life in his world. Along the way there are short chapters about characters who are not otherwise part of the overall book, but have also been created by Mr. Fox as he writes. I must say that the book is a bit jerky at times, and frequently makes jumps from “real” things to imaginary things.

I totally chose to read this book because of the cover art, and you know what they say about doing that. I enjoyed Mr. Fox for the most part, but it wasn’t my favorite. If you like slightly dark fairy tails, this is the book for you!



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