This is a Public Service Announcement

I have pictures of a few things I baked this weekend which I will post someday when this mad rush of school work is over, but in the meantime, I felt that the world needed to know about the deliciousness of this gelato:

As a former/current ice cream addict (I used to eat ice cream on a daily basis, and still would if I had the metabolism to do so), I have tried many varieties over the years. I will say with confidence this is the BEST ice cream (gelato) I’ve ever had. I really can’t get over it. It was on sale for $3.99 at Lowe’s Foods and it is taking everything in me not to go buy more.

I can only eat ice cream with the supervision of another human, unfortunately — if I don’t, I will eat the entire container in one sitting. With someone else in the room, I a too ashamed to show my voracious animal ice cream-eating instincts. I’ll have to wait until the weekend to get more!


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