No-grocery week challenge, take two

I’ve been trying to focus on eating food I already have in my house rather than buying additional groceries or going out to eat. Two weeks ago I managed to go a whole week eating what I had in my fridge/cupboards and only purchased one single lime for $.59.  I had to replenish my stock after that, but I think this week I can go without buying any groceries again! I am only planning to go out to eat once before the weekend.

Tuesday dinner: tri-color pasta with broccoli, tomato sauce, and cheese

Wednesday dinner: grilled cheese and tomato soup

Thursday dinner: vegetable Pad Thai

And I eat ham & cheese sandwiches almost every day for lunch. Pretty exciting.

I really like the challenge of avoiding Lowe’s Foods, because I am trying to save money to move at the end of this school year, and because it feels good to use all the food I’ve already spent money on but have since forgotten about (frozen foods, pasta, etc.) This is also probably for the best, because I just spent four days in Seattle (blog post/pics to follow) and ate SO MUCH delicious food. Did you know it is possible to gain 3 lbs over the course of a 4-day trip? Surprise! Totally possible!


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