Corkboard upcycle – U.S. pin map

I saw this idea and HAD to make one. I thought I’d buy some corkboard at Michael’s, which turned out to be super expensive. Luckily, I found a well-loved board at Goodwill for $1, and a U.S. map to trace. Alex used a large kitchen knife to cut out the shape, and luckily didn’t lose any limbs in the process — cork board is not the easiest thing to cut. I decided to free-hand the states in pen (pencil wasn’t showing up) which turned out to be a big mistake. First of all, several of the states were unrecognizable blobs, and second — there were only 47. I never figured out which one was missing.

So, back to the drawing board! I painted over the whole thing in white.

Who would have known that cork board is super absorbent? (ha.) It took me five coats to cover up the pen outlines. The second go round, I took my time and drew the states in pencil first. Then, I used a small brush to paint them in black.

I added little hearts to Oklahoma and North Carolina — my birth state and home state, respectively. I glued ribbon to the back ($.39 for the spool at Michael’s! What a steal!) and hung it up! Now, I just need to buy pins to put in the states I’ve visited. We’re going to Seattle tomorrow, so that’ll be a good place to start!


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