Mini-project: button grab bag

I made this little card holder last week after I was inspired by this monogrammed button pillow (which I still really want to make soon!) This project was super quick & easy. I just used part of one piece of felt ($.20 at Michael’s), some embroidery thread (about $1.50), and a grab bag of buttons I got at Michael’s for $5. The button bag is so fun! I keep finding random treasures in there — a giraffe button, a glitter button, etc. I’ll definitely be putting those to good use soon. I laid out the buttons in the shape of an M first, then used a hot glue gun to glue them on one by one. I guess you could sew the buttons on if you really wanted to be an over-achiever. You could also use a stencil or free hand the shape of the letter, and then fill it in with buttons.

It would be easy to make these little felt pouches to hold your phone or iPod as well. I found some on Etsy for around $10 – $12 and decided I could save some money and make one myself! I might be giving these as gifts this year, who knows!


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