No heat curls + sparkly gold nails

I have a feeling that from now on, most of my DIY inspirations will come from Pinterest. This time, it’s an awesome hair tutorial that I wish I’d known about years ago — or at least before I purchased both hot rollers and a Marcel curling iron. All you need to curl your hair this way is an elastic headband.

Since this person already made a great tutorial video for this, I don’t feel like I need to provide instructions. Plus, she has a much cooler accent than I do (possibly German?)

The first time I tried this, my hair turned out great! It looked like it does after I spend 30 minutes curling it with a curling iron or sitting in hot rollers. Again, why did I buy those? Please ignore the awkwardness of this self-portrait.

I hair sprayed this and it stayed pretty much in-tact for the rest of the day.

Next, I wanted to share this awesome new nail polish I purchased the other day. I typically go for Revlon because it’s cheap (around $3) and lasts a long time. I had some gold nail polish from a few years ago but it was starting to get gunky. I got this shade called Gold Coin and I am in love with it!

I painted my nails Thursday (2 coats with a clear topcoat) and they are still holding strong.


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