DIY – Autumn garland

First of all, I recently joined Pinterest, and, what was I doing before that?? That site is so awesome, and I’ve already added tons of project ideas to my to-craft list. One of them was this autumn garland from this blog. Since I love fall more than any other season and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival, I decided I’d make one to hang over the chalkboard closet in my living room.

All you’ll need for this project is felt, yarn, and a yarn needle. I stuck to basic fall colors, but the original poster used lots of different ones.

First, I cut out a bunch of leaves. I didn’t use a stencil — just free styled it.

Then, I stitched them together. I figured out pretty quickly that it’s important to go up through the leaf at its tip before sewing into the next one. It just keeps them from moving around. It was a little tough to stitch through the felt, but it wasn’t too bad.

And, done! The whole thing took about an hour to make while I watched “Dirty Dancing.” I am thinking of making more to put around the house. Bring on fall!


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