I wish every weekend were Hopscotch

Minus the fact that I would be broke and totally unproductive.

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Anyway, Hopscotch was excellent again this year! We saw a lot of the bands we planned to see, plus some. Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday we started the night by trying to see Dinosaur Feathers, one of Alex’s favorites from the line-up. Unfortunately, the line was crazy and we weren’t able to get in. We headed over to The Union to see Cassis Orange instead — a local group that I really enjoy but had not seen live.  They put on a good performance, as expected.

Next up were two acts I had not even heard of at The Hive — Dustin Wong (a super talented solo artist) and the very-upbeat Reading Rainbow. We finished the night with locals Lonnie Walker, and even though I’ve seen them probably ten times by now, it was  fun to be able to dance and sing along.

Friday we got to see The Dodos in City Plaza, which was on my priority list for sure! They are fantastic. Next was Diamond Rings [the picture of this guy says it all], and walked in just in time to see Generationals play my favorite song of theirs, “When They Fight, They Fight.” Last was Royal Bangs, who I had listened to a lot in preparation for Hopscotch. I was not disappointed!

Saturday was my favorite, hands down. First, we saw the Flaming Lips in City Plaza. The lead singer came out into the crowd in a giant plastic ball, and they shot out streamers, confetti, and giant balloons. Enough said. Then we camped out at the Lincoln Theater the rest of the night. We saw All Tiny Creatures, Toro y Moi, and finally Future Islands! Such a perfect way to finish out the festival. I don’t think we have ever sung and danced along as much as we did Saturday. I am convinced that I could see Future Islands live every week and never grow tired of it.

Now I’m just sad that Hopscotch is over! The strange thing is, who knows where I’ll be during next year’s festival? I’m just glad I got to go this year!


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