High Country Beer Festival!

This weekend, I got to go to my first ever beer fest. They’ve had one in Boone the past few years, but I didn’t know about it last year and missed it all together. This time we got our tickets early, and my friend Shana who lives in Spain for most of the year even got to come too!

We got these nice little beer glasses and set out to try beers from 53 different breweries. There were quite a few North Carolina breweries represented, which was cool.



I asked Shana and Alex for their top three beers from Saturday.

Shana’s were: the Oktoberfest by the Olde Hickory Brewery, the Tasgall Ale by Highlands Brewery, and the Black ale by Full Sail.

Alex liked: Harvest Time by Big Boss, the Blue Point Hoptical Illusion, and the Uinta Detour.

And mine were: The Raleigh Red by Roth Brewing Company, Harvest Time by Big Boss, and Saison by Sierra Nevada.


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