Andy Warhol inspired chair

Ever since my students artistically refurbished chairs in my craft class over the summer, I have been wanting to do one for my room. I saved the Andy Warhol book I checked out for my class to use, and ended up choosing his painting called “Diamond Dust Shoes” from 1980 as my inspiration. Turns out that Andy Warhol used real diamond dust in this painting:

I bought a chair for $5 at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (coolest place!) I first painted the back and legs of the chair white, with a bit of metallic gold paint mixed in.

Then I painted the seat black. I’m pretty terrible at drawing, but I wanted to sketch out where the shoes would go.

I used acrylic paints, and finished the entire chair with two coats of matte Mod Podge to prevent chipping. The print in the book I used showed the shoes and being slightly lighter in color than the picture in this post. Here is  process/final product:


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