Summer Book #10 – Tree of Codes

I just finished the last book on my summer book list! Hard to believe it is over. Ever since I heard Jonathan Safran Foer had a new book out, I had been dying to get my hands on it. I couldn’t find it in the libraries here, but my mom was kind enough to have it sent from the UNC-Chapel Hill Art Library to the NCSU library. She then mailed it to me, at which point I noticed the book is originally on loan from Southwest Texas State University! I appreciate the various transfers of this book to get it to me.

I didn’t know prior to opening it, but the pages of this book are all  made up of die-cut erasures of words. One page may only have 30 words total, with holes throughout the page where words would have been. It took me an hour total to read the entire thing (there are actually just 3,000 words in 135 pages). It was beautiful, sad, and a bit confusing. I can see why it costs $40 due to the intricacies of the printing.

It looks like this:

Now, unfortunately, I will be devoting my time to books like, “The Responsible Administrator” and “Human Resource Management.”

I wish I could do leisure reading for a living!


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