My favorite project: storybook paper roses

For my sister’s wedding in March, we handmade all the flowers for the centerpieces using fabric and wire.  They looked similar to these. I’ve made the fabric flowers for throw pillows, picture frames, etc.

My new favorite homemade flower, though, are the storybook paper roses Alison and I made during Craftiday.

The directions for these come from 100 Layer Cake, a wedding blog, and these roses were definitely a bit tricky to make. Once you get the hang of it, though, the process goes a bit more quickly.

We made flower arrangements using a book I purchased at Raleigh’s Reader’s Corner for $.10 — “The Four Winds” by David Beaty. I guess I will never know what the book is about. This week, I decided to make a picture frame with the paper flowers around the border.

I must admit — this project took HOURS. Luckily, I had a lot of downtime and several episodes of “Brothers and Sisters” to watch. I would love to make more of these frames, and possibly sell them? I might have to quit school and work to do so,  though…I think I spent about 4 hours total on this one frame!


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