Craft day projects – DIY jar lanterns

I am now on my second week of funemployment. I finished up my internship, and school/my regular job don’t start back until Monday. I headed home for some downtime last week, and my friend Alison and I had a Craftiday. Yes — a craft holiday. It was basically the best day ever. We woke up at 10 a.m. and crafted until 6 p.m. What better way to spend 8 hours?

We found some really awesome DIY blogs in the process of planning our Craftiday, so I’ll just link to those. I’m going to share the projects one at a time. First, I’ll post the jar lanterns we made. The instructions for these actually weren’t explicitly posted on the blog where we found the lantern photos, but they’re pretty simple to figure out.

Alison picked up some mason jars at Michael’s, but I also noticed them in bulk at Big Lots for around $7.

To make these, you’ll also need some thin fabric, such as tulle or an old shirt. We cut the fabric into strips long enough to wrap around the middles of the jars about twice. We hot glued the fabric onto the jars, then loosely wrapped light colored twine around the fabric for decoration.

Michael’s sells sand in bags, but it may be found cheaper elsewhere. We used natural colored sand in the bottom of the jars (just a few inches or so) as a holder for tea lights.

Lastly, you’ll need a relatively think gauged wire to wrap around the mouth of the jar and create a hanger. Now we just really need to have a garden party so we can hang these from trees and drink fancy wine and probably wear some frocks, or something.

I think these would also look really nice as table centerpieces!


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