Mini-Parkway vacation

For as close as I live to the Blue Ridge Parkway, various hiking spots, and various natural areas, I admittedly spend way too much time in town/inside. This weekend, we decided to take a mini-trip to Crabtree Falls, which is about an hour from Boone. My dad used to go to the falls a lot as a child, and we went as a family last fall. The falls were really beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Then, we headed to Little Switzerland, which is a small community/business district near Spruce Pine, N.C. There’s a cafe there where I have eaten with my family [we had BBQ sandwiches and apple pie a la mode!], as well as a used bookstore called “Books & Beans,” which is basically my ideal combination of things. I picked up “The Baron in the Trees” by Italo Calvino (one of my favorite authors) which will round out my summer reading project if I ever get my ass in gear and finish “The People of Paper.”

It was a fun day trip. I need to get out on the Parkway more while the weather’s nice.

Maybe if I take my book out there this week I won’t have any distractions to prevent me from finishing it!


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