My first attempt at a hair tutorial

I really like trying new ways to do my hair, so I thought I would maybe post the occasional hair tutorial type thing on the blog.

Recently, I got these awesome Remington hot curlers at Target for $15, which I love. When I was little, my mom used these pink foam curlers (which are STILL in the closet of our bathroom and they look kind of scary now) in our hair, but I always ended up looking a little Shirley Temple-ish. Those velcro curlers never really worked either.









My friend Jessie had these hot rollers, which I ended up buying for myself.









When I use them, I put the larger of the two sizes of rollers on the top half of my hair, and use the smaller ones on the lower half (commence awkward mirror pics).









I think it would be awesome to put a clear plastic cap over these curlers and head to the grocery store, grandma style. Otherwise, you just let them sit until they feel cool to the touch (about 20 minutes).








The curls are a little crazy when you first take the rollers out, but they calm down after 30 minutes or so. I go ahead and spray them like crazy with hairspray at this point.










Still kinda tight, but they look a little more natural after a little bit more time. Using the hot rollers is super super easy and takes way less time than using a curling iron.


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