Chairs: complete, at long last.

It has been a long road for my students with these chairs. But, with our last class quickly approaching on Wednesday (tomorrow), it was time to finish them up. I think there are some great successes within this project over all. Some students chose to stick closely to the famous paintings they chose for guidance, and others meandered a little more. I’m going to put all the photos in one slide show, with their inspiration paintings first followed by the chairs that match them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. The Andy Warhol chair, which used his work called “Yarn”  as inspiration,  is my absolute favorite. I had a difficult time keeping from revealing that to the entire class, but I couldn’t get over how well it turned out. Love it! I wish I could keep it for my own house.

2. I thought this student did a good job choosing elements of this Van Gogh painting, “Cottage,” and making the chair her own design. She worked really hard on it.

3. On the third chair, inspired by the painting called “Rowan Leaves With Hole” by Andy Goldsworthy, I think the colors look awesome. I tried to get the student to add the details of the individual leaves, but he wasn’t really interested.

4. This last chair is what I like to call Mondrian: through the eyes of a teenaged girl. I was really excited when she picked a Mondrian painting, because I had seen this example online and thought it looked awesome. Eventually, I had to accept that the student is the one taking the chair home at the end of the course, and if she wants to draw cartoon flowers all over it, that is her prerogative! She worked really hard on hers, as well.

I am not picturing the chair made by the student who didn’t follow directions at all. But, hopefully he likes the way his turned out and will find some use for it.

I was actually really sad when the chair project ended! I think I am going to go back to the Habitat Re-store and see if I can find one of my own to work on for the last couple weeks of summer.


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