Summer Book #7 – Blink

It’s time for me to come clean and jump off the bandwagon — I kind of hated this book. Maybe I’m not intelligent enough to read non-fiction, or maybe my attention span is too short. Some of what Gladwell had to say about subconscious thinking and first impressions was interesting, but after the first 17 case studies or so, I was pretty much over it. I think he could have proved his point(s) in half the pages/examples he provided. It look me about 3 weeks to read this book, because I kept getting bored and wanting to quit. I pushed through, and now I can move on with life. I do feel a little weird, though, being that this was a #1 best-seller and everyone I know that has read this book enjoyed it. Once again, I blame my attention span, or lack thereof.


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