A nature walk and a craft put together

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The students were super excited about going outside last night during class. I had them look around campus for leaves to print on wooden boards, which will be wall hangings (once I drill holes in them this weekend). They picked wildflowers and weeds and leaves from trees, and I told them not to mess up the university landscaping so we wouldn’t get kicked off forever.

They painted the leaves and pressed them on their wooden slabs, and some of them chose to use their leaves as stencils. Oh, and did I mention I got a new male student (that was for you, Shana)? The unenthusiastic student has been M.I.A., so I still had enough supplies for them to do this project.

I shouldn’t judge the crafts, but the lime green one of these is definitely my favorite. It looked AWESOME. Later, the student chose to paint DREAM in bubble letters in the empty space on the board, annnd let’s just say it looked better beforehand. But, these are their projects and they can do what they want with them. I’m just glad they were so enthusiastic!

They also worked on their chairs at the end of class, which look great so far. I guess I need to try to round up a fifth chair over the weekend for the new addition to our class!


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