Chairs: the base coat

My students painted their chairs tonight! I just had them do one coat, and we’ll paint them again on Monday. I’m really excited — one is doing a Mondrian painting, another is doing Andy Warhol, and another is doing Van Gogh. The fourth is unfortunately unenthusiastic, and after refusing to choose a painting, is doing his based on a photograph of a man’s tattoo that he found on the internet. It’s a basic shape of a sun. Oh well, I guess I’ll just let him go for it. The other three should be great, though!

One thing I have learned from two nights of teaching is that I could never, ever keep a room full of adolescents occupied for an entire day of school. I have not filled the two hour time block completely thus far, even when it seems like I bring plenty to do. Hopefully I can work on that.


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