Summer Book #1 – Little Bee

I finished Little Bee last night. It was tremendously sad. Being in a bit of a sad mood at the time I was reading, I kept waiting and hoping for a positive turn in the plot line, or at the least, a somewhat happy ending. I got neither.

But, it was a good read and very well written. I didn’t know until the end that the book was based, in part, on actual events — making it all the more hard to digest. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading Little Bee, but I think I’m ready for something a bit more lighthearted next. On to Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


One thought on “Summer Book #1 – Little Bee

  1. I just finished Little Bee as well! Thought it was sad as a whole, many parts and pieces were uplifting. I really like the way Chris Cleave writes!

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