A few other New York City things, non-food related.

We did do other things in NYC besides eating, if you can believe it.

Starting in Brooklyn on the first few days, we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Flea Market, and Brooklyn Brewery. We went into a few vintage store, including Beacon’s Closet, which I had always seen mentioned on fashion blogs. It was overwhelmingly huge and the clothes were very reasonably priced. For some reason, I didn’t buy anything. It was like I had too many options? I’m an idiot.

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We spent the next few days doing museums, mostly. The pass we purchased (City Pass) gave admission to MoMA, the Met, the Guggenheim, and the Natural Museum of History. The MoMA is definitely my favorite, and I think we needed about 12 more hours to see everything in the Met. We also went to the top of the Empire State Building, and visited 30 Rock to look for Tina Fey.

The last few things we did were a Yankee’s game vs. the Kansas City Royals (funny considering my apathy toward sports) and a cruise around the island of Manhattan.

I was not ready to return to the real world, and I’m still not. My internship starts tomorrow, but I would love to go back to NYC instead! This was the first trip that had me considering living there, and I think I would enjoy doing so for a few years. We’ll see!


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