I got Tom’s Shoes today. I had been resisting for a long time, but caved in and got them for my trip.

Tom’s Shoes are definitely part of what I like to call the “Boone uniform.” I’m pretty sure every girl here has them. I have otherwise failed to acquire articles of clothing included in the Boone uniform, which may account for the strange looks I get on a regular basis when walking around town. Or, it could be something else. I’m not sure.

Someone once told me that people who live/go to school here dress in clothes they could wear to go hiking in at a moment’s notice, which appears to be true. However, that statement made me imagine the following scenario:

I’m walking home from work one day when a Jeep Wrangler [with the top town] pulls up to me, full of mountain men with mountain beards and dreads. One calls out, “COME ON!! It’s time for an impromptu hiking trip!! Get in the car!!” 

I like to go hiking on occasion, so I reply, “Ok, but can you give me five minutes to run inside my house and change?” 

“NO YOU CAN’T! You should have been dressed for this already! Get in!!!”

Not wanting to disappoint, I join the group. Later, as we cross a gorge on a rickety swinging bridge made of rotting wood, my leopard print ballet flat slips on a wet plank and I plummet to my death in the ice cold water hundreds of feet below. 

I don’t think I want friends like that anyway. 


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  1. People can say whatever they want about Tom’s and I don’t care. To me they are perfect because their sole is exactly the right width to keep my feet dry with the consistent 1/4-1/2in of rain on the ground.

  2. ‘m hesitant about Tom’s — do you like them? What in the world do you wear them with? Dresses? Jeans? Shorts?
    All of this is incredibly, painfully true. I Never Ever dressed like that while living in Boone. Keep doin’ your thing, Maggie!

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